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Christian Pöpperl

Managing Director

Christian Pöpperl is a graduated mechanical engineer (M.Eng) and co-inventor of the patented ElasticVision technology. After two years of industrial activity as a development engineer in the optical industry, he began his research activity in the area of alternative methods for the edging of ophthalmic lenses in the technical university of Cologne and was in charge the management and the coordination of the supported projects. As a Managing Director of Shape Engineering GmbH, he directs the destiny of the company and plays a major role in business development and sales.

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Prof. Dr. Jörg Luderich

Shareholder and mentor

As a professor at the technical university of Cologne (TH Köln), within his fields of teaching such as product development, product development methods and construction elements in mechanical engineering, Jörg Luderich leads various research projects related to the additive manufacturing of centring structures on spectacle lenses. Furthermore, he looks back on more than 25 years of experience in the field of optical machine development and has been working in the optical industry for many years. He also is the inventor of the ElasticVision technology. He has a large network in the optical industry and supports Shape Engineering GmbH as a partner and stands as a mentor to the team.